Contemporary urbanisation processes

Is Great Britain still urbanising?
Look at the table below which contains figures for the 2001 census. It shows how the population of different areas has changed whether increasing or decreasing.

Is the rest of the world urbanising?
The data in the table below shows how the percentages of urban and rural population in different regions have changed over the 60 years – and how thy are predicted to change in future. You should notice how the proportion of urban population has changed and also see how rates of change differ between rural and urban areas. This will give you a fuller view of the rates of urbanisation.

Some useful definitions
The United Nations World Urbanisation Prospect Website defines the following:
more developed regions as ‘all regions of Europe plus North America, Australia/New Zealand and Japan’.
less developed regions as ‘Africa, Asia (excluding Japan), Latin America and the Caribbean and the Pacific Island groups’
least developed regions a the ’50 poorest countries of which 34 are in Africa, 10 in Asia, 1 in the Caribbean and 5 in Oceania’ (note that these are also included as part of the less developed regions)