Newcastle case study

Issues in urban areas – Newcastle case studies
You need be able to describe the problems and solutions to those problems found in the Inner City and the CBD. Newcastle is a good case study as it covers all of the aspects.

We watched the video to the left in class – it is about problems and solutions.
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Regenerating a CBD
Below is the detailed information about the Newcastle CBD case study:

Urban regeneration in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Location: North East of England, the river Tyne runs through the centre of the city. It was once famous for its traditional industries of coal mining, ship building and heavy engineering.

Large number of one-parent families
Large % of residents of ethnic minority origin
Houses are overcrowded
Crime – burglaries
Fear of crime
Led to riots
Unemployment at 34% in the West End part of the City
Decline of the coal mining, ship building and heavy engineering industries
Economic recession
Housing is cramped in terraced housing
Old industrial sites
Land pollution
The Tyne and Wear Development Corporation (TWDC)
Established in 1987
Invested millions in infrastructure and schemes to build new houses, create jobs and amenities
Built a new business park – cost £140 million
The Newcastle arena – music concerts and sports events
Newcastle Quayside redeveloped with new flats and shops
the west End City Challenge (TWECC)
Set up in 1991
Spent £37.5 million
Create new jobs
Improve educational achievements
Support training and employment opportunities
Improve housing in Scotswood
Fitted CCTV to reduce crime
John Marley Centre created training opportunities for a thousand young students