Our World

Our World – the impossible, the futuristic, the forbidden

Can you help the Vikings find a new place to live?
Watch the video and make notes on what natural and human factors might influence the location of a new settlement.
Open the powerpoint here. Read through the information and instructions.

Complete the Decision making exercise by filling the matrix. Three is the top score for a site with 1 being the lowest score for a site. The top score is 24 for any site. Download the sheet here.

Create a speech which you will give to the council of elders. You should explain the good features of your chosen site and how you could overcome any negative features. Also state the negative features of the other sites.

You will be presenting – Strictly Come Dancing Stylie and the judges (the council of elders) will have masks and use mini-whiteboards to give you your scores. Masks for Len, Darcy, Bruno and Craig

Can you help Olaf?

The impossible – Is Las Vegas a real place?
Watch the video and make notes on why Las Vegas might not be a real place. Think about the location, the architecture, the economic activity and water supply.

Work your way through the powerpoint to complete the table about water stress. Use the internet to research ways that individuals can save water up to 8 ways.

Download the powerpoint here and table here.

Watch the following videos on how they save water in Las Vegas:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
What is xeriscaping? Watch the video and fill in your table.
Video 4

Create a iphone app which would encourage people to save water. It could be game-based or information based. Download the template here.
Is Las Vegas a real place?

The forbidden – why are some places seen as forbidden?
What are the features of forbidden places?
Watch the Zombieland trailer and the video at the link below:
Video 1
In the back of your book make notes on what features of forbidden places you have seen.

Download the word file here. This contains information on a variety of forbidden places. Create a glogster poster about either one forbidden place or a variety of forbidden places. You must state why they are forbidden. You should include photographs, attractive titles and either self-made or youtube videos.

Or create a film plot where scenes are based in and around forbidden places. Download the sheet here.

To finish off. Move round the room and ask as many people as possible two words which they would use to describe forbidden places or they can name two places. Once you have your words complete either a:

Wordle or Taxgedo

Print this out for display purposes.
Is Zombieland a forbidden place?

Futuristic places – reality or folly?
What is sustainability? Watch the video and think about the different features of sustainability from the wombat.

Around the round the room I have created a mini-scavenger hunt. Make a list of the different features of environmentally friendly buildings. Scavenger hunt cards can be downloaded here.

Work your way through the powerpoint investigating the weblinks for different futuristic buildings.

Watch this video on BedZed which has been claimed as the most sustainable city in the world.

Another useful comparison is the video of Masdar in the UAE and Curitiba in South-Eastern Brazil.

Once you have a range of features design your own sustainable/futuristic/fantasy buildings.
The crazy wombat