The expression of conflict


Conflict of this nature does not involve force or armed struggle. Statements of discontent are made by word, sign, marching or silent protest. Some forms of non-violent protest have been very successful. In Ukraine in 2004 thousands of people took to the streets of Kiev to demand political change. On the other hand, non-violent protest by large numbers of monks in Burma in 2007 was less successful, as it was met by forced opposition from government-controlled forces.

Political activity

Political activity relates to groups operating within a country who seek to acquire and exert political power through government. The groups, known as parties, develop a political programme that defines their ideology and sets out the agenda they would pursue should they win elective office or gain power through democratic means.

Political activity often involves debate: the formal discussion of a motion before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure. This occurs when new laws are debated in the House of Commons in Britain, for example. It takes the form of a regulated discussion of a proposition between those in favour and those against.


Terrorism is the systematic use of fear among the public as a way of trying to force the authorities into action for a political, or more frequently an ideological, end. During the latter part of the 20thCentury and the first part of the 21st Century, international terrorism has become increasingly widespread. Bombings, often by suicide bombers, have occurred in places across the world


Insurrection is an act or instance of revolt against civil authority or an established government usually involving rebellion against the rules of that government. People engaging in insurrection are called insurgents, and typically engage in regular or guerrilla combat against the armed forces of established regime, or conduct sabotage and harassment in order to undermine the government’s position.


War is a state of open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations. The armed forces of the stated involves are the main protagonists of the conflict.