Squatter settlement case studies

Squatter settlement case studies – Kibera, Kenya

Site and Service scheme – Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Eygpt is a city of 16 million people and is suffering from all the typical problems associated with rapid urbanisation. They used a large site and service scheme to improve the live of the residents of Cairo.
· 16 million people and very densely populated
· Shortage of funds
· Very narrow streets
· Traffic congestion at peak times
· Limited refuse collection
· Inadequate housing stock – people living on tops of flats
· Crumbling sewers dating from 1910
· Air pollution
· Urban sprawl with the houses spreading into the desert near the pyramids

· Massive new ring road to reduce congestion
· Satellite towns as part of a site and service scheme
· Cairo metro system the first of its kind in Africa
· Zabaleen collect rubbish through the narrow streets from both wealthy areas and squatter settlements
· 40 new satellite towns to house 15 million people
· New towns have schools, hospitals and modern facilities
· New towns have shops, open spaces and mosques