What is Globalisation?

Globalisation is….difficult to define
Globalisation has existed since the 1960s. Its meaning has evolved from one relating to a way of doing business in an international arena to the wide-ranging process that it has become today.
Globalisation relates to the greater connectivity between different areas of our seemingly shrinking world and an increase in interdependence as a result. This is due to the fact that the manufacturing of goods and the provision of services takes place internationally and can include all continents on a worldwide basis.
This has been made possible by the relaxation of laws allowing foreign investment in countries which encouraged the rise of Trans-National Corporations (TNCs), the increased provision and speed of international transport and developments in communication with the use of fax, telephone and e-mail that negates the impact of long distances.

Globalisation: the increasing links between different countries throughout the world and the greater interdependence that results from this
Interdependence: the relationship between two or more countries, usually in terms of
Simply put globalisation is….
the way companies, ideas and lifestyles are spreading more and more easily around the world
This means
the way you are influenced everyday by the processes of globalisation
how the food you eat, the music you listen to and the clothes you wear are influenced by it
how you are able to communicate with people across the world (internet)
how you are influenced by and how you can influence people many thousands of miles away.
Walter’s global jeans
The picture below shows how a humble pair of jeans is a example of globalisation and interdependence.
An interesting music video showing globalisation!!