Passport to Geography

What is Geography?
Watch the video to the right. Make a list of the different aspects of Geography.
Download this DDDD file and separate your aspects from the video into human Geography or physical Geography.

Where the hell is Matt?
Not an original idea but a lot of fun. Watch the video to the right and make a note of as many countries as you can.
You should work in pairs in competition with the other pairs in your class. Use your list and the list in this DDDD file and an atlas to locate the places. You will need to stop every 5 minutes and add up your countries.
Your teacher will keep a record of your scores on this DDDD file

A world map
You need to know where some major places are for example the USA, UK, Russia and China. Use the game below to improve your knowledge.

The Traveler IQ Challenge ranks your geographic knowledge. What’s your TIQ?
UK Geography
Memory mapping of the UK
Download a simple version of a UK map from DDDD
Make copies of the map and stick various copies outside of the classroom.
Work in pairs or threes. You have been given a blank UK map (DDDD). One person goes to look at the map and then has to come back to the person with the map and tell them the features they can remember.