Malaria – we can stop it so why don’t we?
The lifecycle of the Malaria Parasite

Comic Relief video

Where do we find malaria?
1. Using the internet or an atlas identify the following:
In South America identify 5 countries that have Malaria
In Africa identify 10 countries that have Malaria
In Asia identify 6 countries that have Malaria
2. What factors influence the distribution of Malaria? Does development play a role?
Pick three of the countries you identified (one in Asia, Africa and South America). Look at the development indicators for those countries in the Atlas.
Pick four development indicators. Explain what they tell you about the country
3. What factors influence the distribution of Malaria? Does the climate play a role?
Use the atlas or the link below to find the nearest climate graphs to you three chosen countries. For each describe what the climate is like? What kind of climate do you think that malaria needs?
4. What is Malaria like for people? – investigate the virtual Kenyan village. Create a short 1 minute roleplay which details how people lives are affected by Malaria
5. How can we stop Malaria? – use the internet and find a variety of different solutions. Post three per group on the padlet below. Think about solutions from country-wide initiatives to simple measures individuals can do