Welcome to Brazil

Why study Brazil?
Brazil has an exciting future with the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. It is a fantastically diverse and passionate country. It is vibrant, colourful and noisy. As part of the unit you will investigate:
Where and what is in Brazil?
Why did people jump off a waterfall in a barrel?
Homer and Bart exploring how people live?
Is Brazil poorer than the UK?
I’m all alone – where have the people gone?
Revision powerpoints

Some excellent videos below:
The videos below give you can idea about the diverse hidden geographies of Brazil and a bit of fun

Where and what is in Brazil?
World map of Brazil
Below is a world map showing the location of Brazil. Brazil is in South America. The Equator runs through Brazil.
Political map of Brazil
Below is a map of South America showing the different human and physical features of Brazil.
Human map
Physical map

One man and his barrel (waterfalls) – see bottom of page

Waterfall formation
Formation of a waterfall:

Waterfalls occur near the start of the river where the rivers is running fastest.

There needs to be had rock overlying soft rock.

The soft rock is eroded more quickly as it is weaker than the hard rock.

The rocks swirl around at the base of the waterfall to create a plunge pool.

The waterfall continues to erode backwards to create a gorge
Some useful weblinks:
Video on how waterfalls are formed –
Video on waterfalls, plunge pool and potholes –
Why are rivers important?

A man and his barrel

Homer and Bart explore how people live in Brazil
What are shanty towns like?
The conditions in shanty towns are very bad:
Often you will find:
· No fresh water
· No toilet facilities
· No schools
· No healthcare
· Lots of diseases
· Lots of rubbish
· Roads not tarred
· Poorly paid jobs

Clip from the Simpsons

What are the houses like?
The houses are often built on land that is unsuitable housing – marshes, on steep hills and near airports and motorways.

They are often illegal and made by people who migrate from the countryside.

The houses are made up of:
· Corrugated iron
· Plastic
· Wood
· Bin bags
· Broken bricks
· Anything people can find

CRIBS – Shanty Town edition

How can we make shanty towns better?
List of ways
People use a self-help scheme:
This is where people get a loan and use it to improve their lives.
People but breezeblocks to make their houses stronger and ceramic roof tiles to stop the rain.
Schools are built to improve the skills of the children and hospitals built to improve the health of the local population.
Water pipes are put in to give people freshwater and toilets are plumbed in, so all waste is taken away preventing the spread of disease.
Dirt roads are tarred over so when it rains the roads do not turn to mud making travel easier.
Useful video links from a variety of countries

Is Brazil poorer then the UK? – Are we that different?
How can we tell how poor or rich a country is?
We can do this by measuring how developed a country is.

Development refers to how socially, economically and politically advanced a country is.

We can measure this using a variety of measures known as development indicators.
Sometimes the gaps between the rich and poor is not always that big!!

I’m all alone!! Where do all the jelly babies live?
Why do people move from the countryside to the cities in Brazil?
Push factors
A push factor is something that forces you away from the countryside:
· No jobs
· Drought – no rain for a long period of time, no food
· Flooding
· War
· Persecution – for skin colour or being foreign
· No schools
· High rate of crime
· Lack of adequate healthcare facilities

Pull factors
A pull factor is something that attracts to the cities:
· Lots of job opportunities
· Safety
· Good schools
· Low rate of crime
· Good healthcare facilities
· The bright lights of the city
· A range of entertainment facilities
Where do people live in Brazil?
The jelly babies is an idea I used in lesson to show what influences where different numbers of people live in Brazil.
The map to the left shows where and how many different people live. There are a number of factors which can influence where people live. In Brazil most people live by the coast and it is where most of Brazil’s big cities are. They were built near the coast:
· The land is flat
· The sea allowed people to get easy food
· The sea allows people to sell goods across the ocean
· There was no rainforest
Very few people in Brazil live in the north and west of Brazil because:
· the land is hilly and uneven
· the land is marshy and too wet to build upon
· the rainforest is very dense and thus has to be removed – this is expensive