Somali pirates

ARGH – There be pirates up ahead captain!!!
1. How does piracy affect you?
Look at the picture to the right.
In your book/on your worksheet explain how piracy could affect your life.
2. What kind of people get kidnapped by pirates?
Watch the two videos on the BBC webpages and describe which two groups of people get kidnapped by pirates and explain why have been kidnapped?
3. Where do we find pirates?
Open up the link below:
Use the Google maps feature to colour and label the countries on your A4 world map where the following have happened:
4. What is it like living in Somalia?
Watch the video and make notes on the living conditions of the people there:

5. Why has piracy flourished in Somalia?
Piracy can’t just happen in a country. There needs to be a set of conditions which allow this to happen.
Read through the worksheet with different reasons.
Complete the key:
One colour for the reasons that have allowed piracy to flourish
A different colour for the reasons that may prevent piracy
If there are any words you don’t understand use the link below to help you:
6. What is the biggest impact of piracy in Somali?
I have given you some cards sort them onto the template I have given you as a diamond nine. The biggest impact goes in the number 1 box with the smallest impact goes into box number 9.
Take a picture with your I-pad . Then fill in the form to the right and click the upload button to send me your work.
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7. How can we protect our ships?
Watch the videos below:
There are a number of things captains can do to protect their ships. These are listed below:
Secure ship- electric fence around the ship delivering a 9,000 volt shock
Emergency alarm- to inform shipping company and authorities
Razor wire around accessible parts of the ship
Bridge and accommodation to be secured
High powered hoses and water cannons
Install high powered flood lights
Trailing ropes and cargo nets
24 hour look outs
Tracking device for ship
Hired armed security teams
You have been given a ship to protect. You can pick 6 ways to protect your ship. Add them to your ship. Explain why you have chosen each defence strategy
8. Whose fault is piracy?
Do you blame the pirates, government or shipping companies. Watch the video and discuss with the person next to you who is to blame?

9. To sum up….
Click on the picture below:
Fill in the post-it note with one thing your group has learnt. Put your name.
Now fill in another three.