fold mountains

Folding is not just for clothes!
The formation of fold mountains
In large Geosynclines (depressions in the sea) material and sediment is deposited into it.
Over time the Geosyncline becomes completely full. Later the two plates start to move towards each other. This leads to the sediments becoming compressed and turning into rock.
Later as the plates compress the rock more they start to fold and turn into fold mountains. (See diagram to the left).
When fold mountains are formed various the rock get folded in a variety of ways. These have specific names which you have to learn for the exam.

Geosyncline – a large depression in which sediment has been deposited into it
Anticline – the upfolds of folded rock
Syncline – the downfolds of folded rock
Nappes – when the rock has been severely folded and faulted it forms these
Excellent video on fold mountains