Music festivals

Music festivals – big business but at what cost?

Task: Watch the video and make notes about the festivals you see in the video

My festival advert
What are the problems caused by music festivals and how can we overcome this?
Download the word file here and colour code the problems and solutions. Then play the game below. Take a screenshot of your score and email it to:

Designing your own sustainable music festival
Create your own music festival – some simple guidelines:
Money is no object
Design your stages and festival layout best for your festival goers
Clearly show how you are going to over come the problems you identified earlier to make it as sustainable as you can
You should draw and annotate your work on an A3 sheet of paper
On A4 you should how you have made your festival sustainable
You need to design your own advertising slogans and either a 30 second video using animoto or iMovie or a fotobabble

Some extra sustainable features:
In our efforts to make The Big Green a near-zero waste festival, we will be
using the following sustainable practices:
Flyers and posters printed using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, manufactured locally, recycling or reuse encouraged
Electronic tickets
Local entertainment
Eco friendly, local merchandise vendors
Local food vendors
Food vendors highly encouraged to donate leftover food to Salvation Army
Composting food waste, dinnerware and cups
Single-stream recycling
No single-use water bottles
offering re-usable bottles
providing a free water filling station
Bio-diesel used as a power source
Biking, walking and public transit highly encouraged
Bicycle Racks
Affordable ticket prices
Valley Transit Sign will be up cycled into wine, wallet, and pencil bags following the event
Children’s “green” activities
Make “plastic bag” jump ropes
Make “toilet paper roll” bird feeders
All waste streams will be measured and reported on the Big Green