15 mark questions

Below is information on the best way to tackle 15 mark questions and past examples from various exam papers. Why not try some and we will mark them?
AS 15 Mark Questions

· Assess the relative importance of physical and human causes of river flooding
· ‘Soft engineering is a better river flood management strategy than hard engineering’. Discuss this view
· Channel characteristics such as cross profile, wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius, roughness and efficiency change downstream. Describe and explain how channel characteristics change downstream
· Compare and comment on the economic and social effects of flooding in tow contrasting areas of the world
· Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hard engineering as a flood management strategy
· Describe how and explain why fluvial (river) landforms change downstream

Cold Environments
· To what extent are more recent developments in cold environments (such as oil, fishing and tourism) sustainable
· To what extent is there conflict between development and sustainability in tundra areas
· Assess the role of meltwater erosion and deposition in the formation of fluvioglacial landforms
· Discuss how a balance may be found between protection and development in Antarctica
· Explain why many cold environments are fragile and how they can be cared for to ensure sustainability
· ‘Antarctica is a fragile wilderness; its use can never be sustainable’. Discuss this view.
· To what extent should cold environments be considered as fragile? How far does this affect their development?

· Discuss causes and consequences of periodic famine
· Discuss the impacts of one non-communicable disease
· Discuss issues associated with pharmaceutical transnational corporations regarding research, production and distribution of dugs
· With reference to a local case study, assess the relative importance of age, gender and wealth for the provision of health care
· Discuss the impact of obesity on people’s health and the strategies adopted t care for people with obesity
· ‘Transnational corporations have both negative and positive roles in world health’. Discuss this view.

Population change
· Examine how population structure changes at different stages of the demographic transition
· Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the demographic transition model
· “For better and for worse?” Discuss how population change can affect the character of rural and urban areas
· Comment on the impact of different population structures on the balance between population and resources
· For any two of the following types of area, summarise the contrasts between them and explain the implication of these contrasts for social welfare:
o Inner city
o Suburban
o Rural-urban fringe
o Rural settlement
· Discuss the usefulness of at least two population measures (such as birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, migration rate and population
density) as indicators of development.