Blood diamonds

Are diamonds a girls best friend?
Noel Jenkins work on Blood Diamonds is very useful and can be found here:
How does the diamond trade work?
The diamond trade is a truly global trade. there are three main parts to the trade;
Extracting: this involves physically getting the diamond out of the ground
Processing: this involves cleaning and polishing the diamond and getting it ready to be sold. The diamonds are also judged for quality and divided into diamonds to be used in industrial processes or for jewellery and decorative items.
Dealing: this involves selling the diamonds for jewellery in the world’s most prestigious jewellery houses

Click on the link below and name the countries that are involved with extracting, processing or dealing. Fill in this table – Download here,21.445313&spn=151.336119,329.765625&t=k&om=1

Who is involved in the diamond trade?
Read through the cards below (the file can be downloaded here) and try to answer who murdered Columbo? Fill in the table which can be downloaded here.
Various people are involved in the diamond trade. A blood diamond is one that is said to have blood on it as a result of where it has come from or how it has been extracted. The negative effects of the trade are:
‘Conflict’ (or ‘blood’) diamonds are gems mined in war zones.
Rebel groups use money from selling diamonds to buy guns and other military hardware.
There are many victims – from diamond miners that work in dangerous conditions to others caught in the crossfire of the conflicts financed by diamond deals.
Some the world’s poorest countries have paid the price for their diamond supplies, especially in West Africa. Here, about 3.7 million people have died in diamond-fuelled wars. Millions of others have lost their homes and livelihoods.
Children often die in the mines
The diamond mines can cause deforestation and cause widespread water pollution
Who wants to be rock star when you can be a rap star?
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