Water wars

World War 3 – a war over water?
This is designed to cover two lessons and looks at conflict in Darfur, Sudan.
To start with, read through the poem below. Make a list of the causes of conflict discussed in the poem. Then illustrate with one picture what each of the verses is talking about.
Conflict in Darfur Game
Download and print the resources below.
It contains a board game about the issues in Darfur and the conflict in that area.
Play the game and then answer the questions to the right.
Instructions – how to play
Counters and water
Flee or fight
Answer these questions at the end of the game:
1.What were the main causes of the conflict in Darfur?
2.Do you think that it is accurate to describe the conflict in Darfur as the first
climate change war?
3.Do you think that the conflict in Darfur could have been prevented?
Why do you think this?
Water stress and scarcity
The map below shows the area which are projected to have water stress and scarcity. Water scarcity refers to less than 1000m cubed of water per area per year. Water stress refers to between 1000 to 1700 m cubed of water per area per year.