Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is the means by which conflict at a variety of scales can be brought to an end. The expression of conflict –debate, political activity, war – can sometimes lead to its resolution. Different forms of conflict can be resolved by differing means.

Resolving the conflict

Conflicts like the Newbury bypass (add link) and the third runway at Heathrow (add page link) are resolved by market processes, planning processes or, in some cases, a combination of the two.

Market processes operate where the ability of the organisation undertaking the project to pay the going rate take precedence over any local or national concerns. Often, objectors cannot afford to outbid the developer and the development goes ahead with the minimum consultation. When it does occur, consultation often takes the form of an opportunity to voice objections or propose counter-arguments, but with no right of independent arbitration or appeal.

Planning presses are an attempt to provide a means by which local authority planners:

• Listen to the local community (more democratic)
• Listen to the organisation responsible for a proposal
• Have overall development control